Frequently Asked Questions

What State requirements apply to private schools accredited by an OPSAC approved agency?

Each agency has established its own criteria for accreditation. In all applicable requirements, the private school agency’s requirements are comparable to State requirements for public schools. Many agencies include specific requirements pertaining to religious instruction and religious values. Such requirements cannot be established for the public schools.

How can I be sure that a private school will meet my child’s educational needs?

One way of gauging the quality of a private school is through the school’s accreditation. It is important to know something about the accrediting agency as well as to know something about the school itself. All OPSAC agencies recommend parents take time to spend at least a day at the school they are considering for their childern. During the visit, parents should talk to administrators and teachers and observe classes in session.

What is OPSAC?

OPSAC is not an accrediting agency. It is, instead, a consortium of accrediting agencies whose primary purpose is to maintain standards among its member agencies. Schools must apply to OPSAC member agencies for accreditation.

What criteria does OPSAC use to determine whether an accrediting agency should be approved?

An accrediting agency that requires schools to uphold standards comparable to State standards may apply to an agency for accreditation. These standards include, but are not limited to, consideration of the school’s goals and objectives; compliance with applicable state and federal statutes; effective governance and administration; the teaching of a balanced curriculum; implementation of personnel practices which ensure the hiring of qualified and degreed instructional leaders; and standards for student achievement.

How do approved accrediting agencies monitor the quality of accredited schools?

Each OPSAC approved accrediting agency conducts on-site visits of the schools it accredits and requires ongoing accreditation reports and programs.

What is the benefit of enrolling my child in an accredited private school rather than an unaccredited school?

Accredited schools usually have a higher quality curriculum and better qualified teachers. Grades and courses completed at accredited private schools are accepted in public schools should you wish to transfer your child. If your child intends to seek admission to a college or university, a diploma from a non-accredited high school may not be recognized for meeting admission requirements.

The Oklahoma State Board of Education recognizes the accrediting associations of OPSAC for the purpose of School Accreditation.

What accrediting agencies have been approved by OPSAC and how can I get in touch with them?

You may contact OPSAC for general information about private schools and accrediting agencies by writing or calling:


2448 E. 81st Street

Tulsa, OK 74137

Phone: (918) 493-8880

Fax: (918) 493-8041